April 1, 2024

The Disrupter’s Creed: Embracing Optimism for Success



I’m writing my second book about disrupters who operate with an optimistic mindset. I chose this topic because I’ve been milling about this earth for over 50 years now, and there is something that I’ve observed by watching humans in their natural habitat that has both intrigued me and perplexed me throughout my entire life.

I started in the law enforcement profession at age 17, where I was an intern before becoming a sworn police officer. I stayed in policing for 30 years and collected much data on the human condition. I didn’t formally study psychology in a classroom with books and professors, but I collected life experiences at every turn that probably taught me more than I’d have learned academically. These observations started as incidents that piqued my interest.

Let’s use car accidents, for example. As a young cop, I responded to many car crashes – some with injuries and fatalities and others that resulted in some dented or totaled cars. I noticed that every single person involved in the collision responded differently. It makes sense that panic and hysteria are consistent emotions, primarily when injuries occur. And yet, that wasn’t always the case. Humans exhibited a gamut of emotions, and I was so enamored by the fact that when experiencing the same (or similar incident), people would act unpredictably and individually. Some people would stand back to assess the damage to their vehicle and utter, “It’s only metal – what a relief we weren’t hurt.” In contrast, others in the same property damage scenario would completely melt down.

What made some more resilient than others? How did the ones who assessed the situation conclude so quickly that despite the cost, red tape with insurance, and hardship associated with getting the car fixed, they still felt grateful to be okay?

As my career went on, I started to pay even more attention to these similar paradoxes. When one officer got passed over for promotion or a specialized assignment, they opted for a temper tantrum response and blamed nearly everyone but themselves. In comparison, another officer who incurred the very same rejection decided to use it as an opportunity to improve. They were also angry and upset but used that fuel to improve themselves rather than throwing in the towel. What caused the opposing responses to these similar circumstances?

The latter were those who chose to learn how to improve and position themselves for the future.

I wanted to emulate these people and I wanted to be around them because they were resilient and driven.

Drawing from a wealth of experience in my policing career and my post-career in doing assessments for organizations, life experiences, and research from people much smarter than I am, I will use this podcast to present a compelling case for why the optimists in our midst are often the ones who achieve the greatest success, both personally and professionally. These people are disrupters — but not the kind of disrupters that we think of as “troublemakers” or “good trouble”; rather, they were disrupters to their innate pull towards negativity. These kinds of disrupters learn to talk themselves out of being negative and then choose action to optimize their performance.

I will delve into the essence of being a disrupter—an individual who dares to view the world through a lens of possibility rather than limitation.

In a world where negativity often dominates the discourse, “The Disrupter’s Creed” is a beacon of optimism. I want to challenge the prevailing narrative that to be realistic, one must be pessimistic. Research reveals that optimism is a more fulfilling outlook and a powerful catalyst for success and happiness.

I’ll be writing this weekly blog on the same topic (excerpts from my book), which can be delivered to your inbox if you enter your email. The blog will be accompanied by this podcast, which will drop weekly.

If this interests you, punch that subscribe button on the podcast and follow along here. If this sounds like a shit idea to you, punch that subscribe button and throw spears at me! My ideas and stories will get even better if you challenge them.

“The Disrupter’s Creed” will go beyond mere philosophy. I want to offer practical guidance on how individuals and organizations can embed structures that foster an optimistic mindset, optimizing performance. It’s a call to action for all who aspire to lead, innovate, and thrive in this crazy yet remarkable, complex world. So come along with me as we figure it out together.

This isn’t just a blog and a podcast; it’s a movement. It’s for the brave, the bold, and anyone willing to challenge the status quo and unapologetically embrace optimism. Join the ranks of disrupters who are not only dreaming of a brighter future but are actively creating it.

Onward and upward.

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