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Transform your organization into a meaningful movement by profiting from the triumphs & failures learned through my 30 years in law enforcement.

Get real world, engaging, action-oriented inspiration from Kristen Ziman as your next speaker.

Real World

The stories and strategies I share come from my 30+ years of real world experience in law enforcement and beyond. I’ve blazed trails as the first woman Lieutenant, first woman Commander, and first woman Chief in the Aurora Police Department. I was the chief on watch during a mass shooting in my hometown.

The strategies and information I share aren’t hypothetical – they’ve been tested and proven to fail or work. Yes… I have failed publicly and privately but I have failed forward. Every time I fell short, I gained knowledge and experience. All of which I’ve carried forward to benefit you, so you save time and energy while profiting from lessons learned in my own triumphs and failures.

I was like a kid backpack on one of the first suspects I had to chase down. Although I pounced on him as he fled and wrapped my arms around his chest, he was quite larger than me and I was unable to knock him down. He kept running, and refusing to let go, I hung onto his back.

I’d lost my radio and couldn’t call for backup. I was terrified as I knew he could kill me if he wanted to. So I did the only thing I knew to do: I started talking with him. I told him if he stopped running I wouldn’t charge him for fleeing and we could just address the warrants.

He did something that still surprises me to this day: he stopped. After I slid off his back and had him in cuffs, I asked him why he stopped. He said, “Because you talked to me. No cop has ever bothered talking with me before.”


As a speaker invited into your team, community or organization, I’m here to start a different kind of conversation: one that engages your audience and wakes them up to feel a spark of hope, possibility, perhaps even excitement for something different. Because people who are engaged never cease to surprise you with what they’re capable of.


Inspiration alone isn’t enough – you walk out the door and you’ve changed nothing about yourself, your organization, or the world. It’s useless. This is why I inspire people to take action. Period.

Sometimes we need to blow up the template of what we’ve always done to begin a transformation. And that might mean making others uncomfortable in the process.

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