Evolving Women Leaders

Tame the imposter & lead with your unique gifts.

Throughout my career, I have been underestimated. From the moment I earned my badge, I’d show up on a call and people would say, “You’re too little to be a cop” or “Do they let you ride by yourself in a squad car?” As I moved up the ranks, I was often asked, “Do those men follow you?” I learned to shrug it off or retort with a witty comeback. I never got angry because I tried to respect the templates for which those people saw the world that made them doubt me. It made me try harder to disprove their world view.

And I did.

I became the first woman Lieutenant, first woman Commander and first woman Chief in my department. In order to achieve these leadership positions, I learned how to tame the imposter in my head – the voice that said, “Can I really do this?” As women in leadership, we need to stop conforming to these templates for how others see us and defy them – blow them up even. And that might mean making others uncomfortable in the process. If you can become comfortable with making others uncomfortable, you can transform an organization.

In this action-oriented and real-talk presentation, you’ll:

Gain confidence in your own leadership skills

Learn to value your unique gifts and strengths

Change the voice inside your head that says, “Why me?” to say, “Why not me?”

Increase your capacity to be present with other people’s discomfort - including your own