Reimagining Blue

Thoughts on Life, Leadership, and a New Way Forward in Policing

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A story of resilience and perseverance in policing―and in life, told by a flawed human about a noble profession suffering an identity crisis. 

I’m a cop, but I’m critical of cops because I don’t suffer from the “blind loyalty” affliction that many do. I’m also critical of people who make it their life’s work to break the law and harm others and our society, and I believe vehemently that a nation without law enforcers would crumble into chaos and anarchy. 

These musings will probably upset people on both sides of the issues, and I’m okay with that. I’m not here to make friends. 

I’m here to offer you a perspective into my world and the complexities of being a cop and a boss of cops. 

My heart has been cracked open, and what is spilling out might surprise both of us.


The people who love the police should read this book as much as the people who do not love the police.
Ryan V.
It was very inspiring, from beginning to end. I hope a lot of people read it; the world needs to hear this story.
“…I know that shame is debilitating and heavy, and courage is the only remedy.” It’s phrases like this throughout the book that take it to a different level because they're lessons for all -- not just a few in the police organization.
Valerie T.


From the pandemic to civil unrest, Black Lives Matter to the Thin Blue Line, and from Cadet to Chief - this deeply moving memoir is a story about resilience and perseverance in policing―and in life.

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Meet Kristen

Former Police Chief of the Aurora IL Police Department (Ret.)
Speaker | Author | Leader | Change Agent

Kristen is the former Police Chief of the Aurora IL Police Department (Ret.). In Kristen’s 30-year career in law enforcement, she blazed trails: she became the first woman Lieutenant in 2008, first woman Commander in 2010, and eventually the first woman Chief in her department’s history in January of 2016. Kristen was also the Chief on watch during a mass shooting in her hometown Aurora, IL.

Since retiring from the department, Kristen has now stepped into her new career as a professional speaker and consultant for organizations and police departments focused on the areas of leadership, women empowerment, positive psychology, and mass shooting prevention.