Preventing the Unthinkable

Change the culture of your organization to prevent the next mass shooting.

I was the Police Chief during a mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois, in 2019. Five people died that day and multiple people were wounded. In the aftermath, we discovered that employees had been tripping over red flags. Not only did the culture of the organization prevent people from coming forward, but the company itself also didn’t have the knowledge or support to prevent this shooting, let alone take care of their people afterward.

When people feel helpless, they’re scared. You can override that feeling of helplessness and fear by empowering people with knowledge and action steps. That’s what this talk is all about: empowering people into action so you don’t find yourself in this horrific tragedy like I did.

In this riveting and engaging talk you’ll learn what you never thought you’d need:

The signs to watch out for

How to prepare for something like this while building trust and safety

How to cultivate a culture that gives people permission to come forward

The policies and procedures you need in place to take care of your employees