Preventing the Unthinkable

Transform your team into expert first responders who are ready to respond to any crisis that may arise.

Organizations suffer when they fail to confront the risks that come with uncertainty of the unknown crisis that looms.
With 27 years as a police officer and the chief who lead her department through a mass shooting, a member of an International Mass Violence Advisory Team, and called upon by the Department of Justice to investigate crisis, I have come to learn that the key to confronting the certain uncertainty of a crisis is through preparedness. 
I will teach you to equip your organization for the ever-looming uncertainty by supporting your team to craft the skillset needed to adapt through a crisis and the mindset to embrace (not brace for) the incoming change. I will transform your organization into a team of first responders who can expertly navigate through any challenge that arises in business and in life.
When people feel helpless, they’re scared. You can override that feeling of helplessness and fear by empowering people with knowledge and action steps. That’s what this talk is all about: empowering people into action so you don’t find yourself in this horrific tragedy like I did.

In this riveting and engaging talk you’ll learn what you never thought you’d need:

Craft the skillset to adapt through a crisis

Prepare for certain uncertainty

Create a mindset to embrace (not brace for) the incoming change

Empower your employees into action