Evolving Your Organizational Culture

Create a culture that allows everyone - including the bottom line - to flourish.

In the transformative keynote, “Evolving Your Organizational Culture,” attendees are invited to embark on a journey of cultural innovation that transcends traditional boundaries and challenges the status quo. This presentation is designed for leaders and change-makers across all sectors who understand that the culture of an organization is its heartbeat, invisible yet palpable, shaping every action and decision within.

Learn how to harness the power of open communication and inclusivity to foster a culture that not only adapts to change but thrives on it. Discover practical strategies for empowering your team to share their insights and expertise, thereby enriching the decision-making process and enhancing the organization’s adaptability and resilience.

Key takeaways include:

Strategies to redefine hierarchical structures that limit innovation, opening the door to collaborative leadership and shared authority.

Techniques for cultivating an environment where 'out of the norm' behavior is not just tolerated but encouraged, as a catalyst for cultural evolution.

Insights into increasing your team's sphere of influence, enabling a shift in organizational culture that aligns with your vision for the future.

Understanding the delicate balance between maintaining order and fostering a culture of innovation and dialogue.

This keynote is about creating a culture that embraces change, values diversity of thought, and empowers individuals at all levels to contribute to the organization’s mission and vision. It’s about moving beyond the fear of disruption to see change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

Kristen Ziman brings unparalleled credibility to the topic of organizational culture. With over 20 years as a leader in law enforcement, including her tenure as Chief of the second-largest police department in Illinois, Kristen has firsthand experience in transforming culture. She made it her mission to shift the deeply entrenched culture within her department, demonstrating that “culture eats policy for breakfast.” Kristen’s commitment to cultural evolution is backed by her impressive academic achievements, including two master’s degrees, ensuring a blend of practical wisdom and scholarly insight.