Empowered Leaders Empower Others

Cultivate true leadership in yourself & everyone in your organization.

I learned from Professor Marty Linsky while attending the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University that “Leadership is about disappointing people at the rate they can absorb.” I thought that statement was absurd when I first heard it while sitting in his class. It wasn’t until I became the chief and was met with resistance at every change that I began to understand what he meant.

People hate change. What I came to understand is that it’s not so much the change that is painful, it’s that space before change happens that stretches us in the most uncomfortable ways.

But once you get to the other side, people are appreciative and even wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. The only way we get to the other side is to go through it which requires us to become comfortable with disappointing people on the way to changing things.

In this empowering and practical talk you’ll get real-world skill-building support to:

Build a team of people who know more than you

Cultivate true leadership, which requires a ridiculous amount of courage and a willingness to piss people off

Fail forward and be willing to say “I screwed up, now what can I do to fix it?”

Move through your own leadership challenges so you can cultivate true leadership in everyone within your sphere of influence