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Specialized Services for Sustainable Organizational Development
and Effective Law Enforcement.

Our mission at Kristen Ziman Consulting is to bolster the foundational pillars of police departments, focusing on internal culture, operational efficiency, and organizational structure. We delve deep, utilizing anonymous surveys, comprehensive interviews, and meticulous study of organizational practices, to unravel the intricate dynamics within and craft tailored solutions for enduring positive change.

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Comprehensive Organizational Assessment:


We deploy a multi-faceted approach, encompassing:

  • Anonymous Surveys: We conduct in-depth anonymous surveys to unveil the underlying challenges and areas in need of improvement, directly from the members of the organization.
  • One-on-One Interviews: Engaging members across ranks and roles, our intimate interviews help in capturing the nuanced perspectives within the department.
  • Policy & Structure Analysis: We scrutinize the existing organizational charts and policies to understand the current modus operandi and identify areas of refinement.

We are committed to delivering impactful and sustainable transformations that resonate with every member within the police department, enabling the establishment of an environment marked by cooperation, mutual respect, and communal trust.

Customized Recommendation Report

Post-assessment, we deliver a meticulously crafted report, elucidating actionable recommendations designed to address the identified challenges and foster a constructive, harmonious, and efficient working environment.


on your work-life path, and help you:

ABOUT Kristen Ziman Consulting

Kristen Ziman Consulting stands out as a beacon of transformative insight in the realm of police department consulting. Kristen Ziman is a seasoned law enforcement professional with 30 years of invaluable experience, including serving as Chief of Police in the 2nd largest city in Illinois. Since her retirement, Kristen has had the privilege of delivering enlightening keynotes on leadership, culture, empowerment, and mass shooting preparation to various organizations, ingraining her with a profound operational and leadership understanding pivotal for conducting these comprehensive assessments.

Her diverse and rich experience is complemented by a dedicated team of law enforcement professionals, each bringing a similar pedigree, collectively working to facilitate organizational assessments with utmost precision and insight. The amalgamation of extensive experience, profound knowledge, and unwavering dedication positions Kristen Ziman Consulting as the optimal choice for police departments seeking to foster positive organizational change and enhance operational efficiency.

Choose Kristen Ziman Consulting to guide your organization through a journey of profound development and elevated excellence.

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