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April 4, 2012

FBI NA #249 – Classes



We spent Monday getting to know the 50 other individuals who will comprise our section. There are 6 sections and each is considered your “home room”. The NA counselors and officials also used this time to tell us the rules of engagement. They are as follows:

No drinking in the dorm.
No drinking in the dorm.
No drinking in the dorm.
No committing any other improprieties that might bring discredit to the academy or to your organization.
No drinking in the dorm.

(Forgive any misspellings as I’m have a glass of wine as I write this in my dorm).

Clearly I jest.

Tuesday was the first day of classes and it was a not so subtle reminder of the work that lies ahead for us. I saw many people getting their syllabus’ organized and mapping out the research papers and projects that will comprise much of their time here at the NA. I also see how the volume of work might drive a person to find solace in an adult beverage every once in awhile!

Thus far, I’m enamored by the knowledge of my instructors and am hanging on their every word. From first impressions, I predict I’m going to learn a lot from them.

But, I have to say that it is my colleagues for whom I am the most excited to get to know. Being in the proximity of so many police executives from around the world is quite humbling and I have a feeling that what I learn from them is going to be priceless!

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