Coaching / Mentoring Policies

Lateness Policy:

We’re so excited to see you for your scheduled session! Just a quick heads up that being on time is super important to make sure we can stick to our schedule for all of our clients. If you happen to be running late, we might have to shorten your appointment or reschedule it to make sure everyone stays on track. But, if you don’t show up within 15 minutes of your scheduled start time, we’ll have to consider it a “no show” and follow our policy to charge the full amount accordingly.

Cancellation Policy:

We totally get that sometimes things come up unexpectedly, and you might need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We just ask that you give us at least 4 hours notice so we can adjust our schedule and make sure we’re giving everyone the best experience possible. We understand there are emergency situations that might come up – just let us know and we’ll do our best to be flexible. Just keep in mind that if you cancel last minute, it might be hard to fill your spot, and you might be charged the full session amount if you don’t show up without any notice.

Pre-Paid Session Policy:

We want to make it easy for you to book and pay for your sessions ahead of time, so we have a pre-paid session policy. If for some reason you need to cancel a pre-paid session, we’ll have to charge a small processing fee of either 10% or a minimum of $30, depending on your payment amount. This helps cover the costs of credit card processing and the time it takes to make those adjustments.

Refund Policy:

We’re all about giving you the right coaching experience – I want you achieve your highest potential! That’s why we offer a risk-free discovery call, so you can make sure we’re both a great fit before committing to anything. Once we’ve made the decision to work with together, we’re committed to giving you our all in our time together – and we hope you’re just as invested! That’s why we don’t offer refunds on already-performed coaching services – we want you to be 100% in, just like we are. So take your time, make the decision that’s best for you, and let’s achieve greatness together!