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December 30, 2010

8 Police Officers and the Void they Leave



Effective January 1, 2011, we will lay off eight patrol officers – 8 members of our police family.

These eight officers chose the noble profession of law enforcement believing that they would spend their careers with the Aurora Police Department.

They have been members of our family for several years and there is no easy way to watch them walk out the door. As each of them hand over their equipment within the next few days, the reality becomes painfully intolerable.

There are many fingers pointing blame in all different directions and the mud being slung only means that no one walks away clean, but none of that really matters. How we got here and who is to blame only adds distraction to the fact that our brothers and sisters in blue will leave a void of great magnitude in our police department.

As the Commander of the Patrol Division – where each of these officers are assigned – I can confidently state that their individual contributions to our police department will not be forgotten.

We must continue our police mission because that is the oath we have taken. But we do so with Officer Ray Morris, Officer Scott Carter, Officer Steven Pacenti, Officer Chris Moore, Officer Mark Carey, Officer Aendri Decker, Officer Erin Lapp and Officer Kyle Hoffman in our thoughts and as part of our history. Godspeed.

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