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December 31, 2022

50 Things from 2022



Here is a list of 50 things from 2022. They are lessons I’ve learned, things that have inspired me, and things I love.

  1. Create before you consume.
  2. Boredom is good. Don’t fight it. Great ideas come from gaps in activity.
  3. I finally made meditation part of my daily practice, and it’s changed everything. I can only do it for 10 minutes before I get restless, but I’m getting better.
  4. I still hate mushrooms.
  5. When you move away, it reveals what relationships with people are genuine.
  6. Shedding a formal title made me realize we are all more than our jobs.
  7. Moving to South Florida was the right decision (minus the hurricane that tried to kill us). But I still need a place in Chicago because I’m a city mouse. I grappled with this until I realized that you could have the best of both worlds if you want it and work for it.
  8. Say what you want to say to the people you love. You never know when a conversation with them will be your last.
  9. Sleep is a superpower. Buying the Oura Ring and watching Master Classes on sleep have made me understand sleep science and how good sleep manifests in physical and mental health.
  10. Going plant-based in 2020 was the right call for me. I eat fish a few times weekly for protein and feel much better after cutting red meat.
  11. My favorite book from this year is The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink. Regrets are good. They teach you what to do better or differently.
  12. Buying this coffee maker was my biggest splurge of 2022, and it was the best decision ever. I catapult out of bed to get that cup of java.
  13. My morning routine sets the tone for the entire day. It’s my favorite time of the day.
  14. Hosting a podcast is way more challenging than you might think.
  15. Visiting Canada, Dubai, London, Italy, and Amsterdam this year made me wonder why I didn’t make International travel part of my life sooner. See the world every chance you can.
  16. Kindness is more important than wisdom.
  17. Writing a book was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And it was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.
  18. My kids have grown up and moved out — and I still worry about them daily. And sometimes, I check their location to ensure they are safe at home.
  19. These pens are my favorite. I love signing books with them.
  20. Public speaking and delivering keynotes turn out to be a thing I’m good at. Connecting with audiences feeds my soul.
  21. Reading Spark helped me understand that exercise will cure most of what ails you. Moving your body releases all the good chemicals in your brain. If you feel sad, go exercise for 30 minutes. I guarantee you will feel better.
  22. I didn’t know I needed the new edit function on iOS 16.
  23. Saying NO unless it’s a HELL YES has been a great help in deciding which opportunities to pursue.
  24. Indian food take-out and binge-watching White Lotus, Bad Sisters, and Severance was my guilty pleasure this past year.
  25. I traveled almost weekly in 2022 and learned that standing up immediately when the plane lands is useless. It crowds the aisle, and people get thumped in the face with backpacks. Just wait until it’s your turn to exit, then stand up. It’s so much more organized.
  26. You cannot save people. You can only love them. It’s tough watching the people in my life harming themselves. But they have to want it for themselves.
  27. I spend too much time scrolling social media apps on my phone. I’ll delete the apps from my phone so I can only access them from my desktop. Stay tuned for how that goes. Thanks to my daughter for giving me this idea.
  28. I stopped drinking for six months and reintroduced it as an experiment. I can confidently say that I felt more creative, alert, and productive without it. For me, it’s about value-added to my life. I don’t intend to give it up completely, but I want to be more mindful about it.
  29. I canceled the Tesla we had on order because Elon Musk may be an electric car genius, but he is a man-baby bully. Canceling my order won’t matter to him, but how I spend my money matters to me.
  30. My gratitude practice of writing down three things for which I’m grateful every morning trains my brain to stay positive. I use this dotted journal.
  31. Podcasts and 4-mile power walks are my happy place. A few favorites: Diary of a CEO, A Bit of Optimism, WorkLife, and Reducing Crime.
  32. I’m not good at sitting still. I don’t think I can ever stop working.
  33. Pickleball is as amazing as everyone says.
  34. It’s never too late to start a new relationship. Some of my favorite connections with other humans are new ones.
  35. Competency is my love language. I get a rush from people who do things right.
  36. I love the feeling I get when my kids FaceTime me to say hello. It will never get old.
  37. A full calendar makes me appreciate the days when there is nothing planned.
  38. Mass shootings will continue until we make it difficult for guns to get into the hands of those who harm others. What we are doing isn’t working.
  39. Not responding is an option. I don’t need to add my input or commentary when I disagree.
  40. I’m good at sucking at new things. Embracing failure is liberating.
  41. I need to write more hand-written notes. It’s a lost art.
  42. Show up. Even when you don’t feel like it, show up. It’s comfortable in your sweatpants on the sofa binge-watching the latest series, but this life is meant to be lived. Go out and make connections with real people.
  43. It’s just pain. I think about this when I feel discomfort. When I’m trying to be disciplined, not eat junk, or don’t feel like exercising. It’s just pain, and it’s temporary.
  44. Growing old gracefully means embracing the need to wear reading glasses. Geez, I fought it for so long. These are the best reading glasses.
  45. I love my Canada Goose jacket. It folds into itself so I can pack it in my carry-on. Next to my coffee maker, it was a great splurge.
  46. The Oculus Quest Virtual Reality goggles go with me everywhere. I subscribe to an app called Supernatural, and it has a boxing workout that kicks my ass. Because I travel so much, the Oculus has been a lifesaver because I can work out in any hotel room (even tiny ones). It has tons of workout and meditation apps.
  47. Your entire life can change with one year of focused daily effort. Most people overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year.
  48. If someone inspires you, tell them. Even if you don’t know them. The last book you read was written by a person who would love to hear that you enjoyed their work. When you feel complimentary, say it.
  49. Remove the energy vampires from your life. If someone tries to put down your accomplishments or make you feel small, eliminate them. Even if they are your family. Addition by subtraction.
  50. I’m at my best when I find an intellectual sparring partner. Encourage dissent. Present your opinions and ask someone to throw spears at your ideas.


Think about creating your own list throughout the year so you can keep track of what you value. Go slay 2023! Your future is waiting for you.

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