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Chief Kristen Ziman has empowered and inspired hundreds of leaders, giving them authentic strategies to develop confidence and operate at higher levels. Her experience, compassion, and passion for creating and sustaining leaders can help individuals in any industry find their authentic voice, cultivate their confidence, and activate their higher potential.

With her extensive background as the first female Lieutenant, Commander, and eventually Chief of the Aurora Police Department, she knows what it takes to blaze trails and make an impact.

During her tenure in executive leadership, Kristen discovered that her narrow vision was holding her back – believing she needed to fit in and maintain the status quo. Leadership was demonstrated through autocracy, so she tried to emulate that style and quickly learned it was ineffective.

She began following her instincts instead of conforming to the unhealthy culture.

She learned to navigate the male-dominated field by failing forward and taking the lessons learned to drive her career and organization to the next level.

Kristen is committed to sharing her expertise to help you become an evolved leader.

Kristen will be your strategic partner

on your work-life path, and help you:

ABOUT Kristen

Former Police Chief of the Aurora IL Police Department (Ret.)
Speaker | Author | Leader | Change Agent

Kristen is the author of the book, “Reimagining Blue: Thoughts on Life, Leadership, and a New way Forward in Policing.”

The book chronicles her journey to becoming a leader and can help you on your path of achievement. Kristen is a sought speaker on leadership, empowerment, and culture and was featured in the Wall Street Journal for her expertise in risk management to prevent mass shootings. She has appeared on CNN, News Nation, and NPR, among many other platforms, to share her experiences.

With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, Kristen Ziman is here to share the lessons and wisdom she has gained to help you become a next-level leader.

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