Leadership is about Disappointing People at the Rate They Can Absorb

I went to Harvard. That statement is true(ish) because I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks attending the Harvard Kennedy School of Government “Executives in State and Local Government” program. But I still love saying I went to Harvard and pausing before I say…. for three weeks. It was the most academic of the […]

Resisting Suffocation is not Resisting Arrest

Message to the citizens of Aurora: When I first watched the video of the Minneapolis officer, I didn’t need to wait for more information to come in. I didn’t need to wait for the investigation to conclude before I made an assessment. When you place your knee on the neck of a human being for […]

Be Comfortable with Making Others Uncomfortable

  Throughout my career, I have been underestimated. From the moment I earned my badge, I’d show up on a call and people would say, “you’re too little to be a cop” or “do they let you ride by yourself in a squad car?” As I moved up the ranks, I was often asked, “Do […]

What is this Pandemic Trying to Teach Us?

Life as we know it has stopped. When my daughter received notice that her summer abroad trip to Taiwan was canceled, she was devastated. She is minoring in Chinese and worked so hard to be chosen for the program. Her story is similar to so many of your stories so she doesn’t have a monopoly […]

A Lesson for Adults: Talk Less. Care More.

Aurora police officers Skyy Calice and Star Pirela stopped into my office to pitch an idea. They run a mentoring program for females in our area high schools called, “Girls Run the World” and during one of the meetings, the students asked the officers why no one ever asks them for their input on how […]

20 Things I’ve Learned in the Past Decade

A few days into the new year, I sat down during my morning ritual (see # 10) and pondered the lessons that the past decade offered me. Here is a list of the highlights. Maybe you can glean something from them as well as you take your first few steps into the new decade.  1) […]