Asking the Right Questions Lead to Better Answers

*Published in the Sun-Times Beacon News on Monday, January 27, 2014 Last week I was asked how we can stop domestic violence from occurring. Having worked as a detective in the Aurora Police Department’s Domestic Violence Reduction Unit for five years, the question is not new to me. It’s also not new to the dedicated […]

What you do in the Shadows

My daughter returned from basketball practice and told me that she tries really hard to get the coach’s attention by exerting all the power and effort she can into running her sprints and being attentive during practice.  She wants her coach to notice her.  She wants to make her coach proud. Interestingly enough, I wrote the following […]

People are not against you — they are for themselves

The other day, I overhead someone say, “People aren’t against you — they are for themselves.”  My first reaction was that the statement bore some truth.  It has been my experience that people tend to look out for their own best interest.  In law enforcement, we hear both sides of the story and each person […]