Lessons from the Boxing Ring

I got my @$$ handed to me in the boxing ring.  Forgive the vulgarity, but it is the only way to adequately describe what occurred. When a sergeant from my department asked me if I would be interested in participating in an exhibition boxing match for charity against a female commander from another jurisdiction, I […]

The Courage to be Authentic

I entered this profession in 1991 at a time when it was progressive enough that women in policing had already secured a place, but not progressive enough that women held leadership positions.  In my state, we were accepted into the thin blue line but we would maintain our positions within that line for awhile and […]

Love and Fear in Leadership

Do you think leaders should be loved or feared?  This leadership question has been debated over the years with different surveys and trends that reveal many opinions on the matter.   Some believe that fear is a motivator and that people, when left to their own devices, will not perform without the threat of discipline […]