Victimization is a Choice

If you are in a bad situation, you will do whatever you can to escape it. Right? Actually, that’s a common misconception. The truth is when you feel like you aren’t in control of your destiny, you are more likely to give up and accept whatever situation you are in. I expect that you might […]

Abuse and Intuition: Trust Your Instinct

When I was a patrol officer, I once was dispatched to take a report for a 7-year-old girl who had been sexually assaulted by her mom’s boyfriend. The child’s aunt brought her to the hospital and notified police after her niece made some comments about the male anatomy and sex to which the average 7-year-old […]

“Fight or Flight” and why it Matters in Policing

The “fight or flight” phenomenon is our body’s innate response that prepares us to fight or flee from a perceived or actual threat of harm.  Often times, we don’t know what our primitive reaction will be until we are thrust into a situation that evokes fear.  If you’ve ever been the subject of a practical […]