What makes you come alive?

*Published in the Sun-Times Beacon News on 12-30-13 In positive psychology, there is a phrase called being “in flow”.  This means that you are engaged in an activity that you enjoy that is neither too challenging nor too easy.  It requires the perfect amount of concentration and you know you are “in flow” when the […]

Where You Lay Your Head

When my kids were in elementary school, I used to volunteer in their classrooms for holiday parties. During one Christmas party in my daughter’s first grade class, I was assigned to run a craft table with another parent.  She seemed relatively pleasant and we were making small talk helping the children glue little reindeer noses […]

Why People Don’t Trust the Police

I was having a perfectly uneventful morning whilst sipping my coffee and catching up on the latest news through my social media sites.   I stumbled upon a “NBC Investigates” clip with the headline that read, “Former Detective Admits to Coercing Confessions.”  You can see the NBC clip here That got my attention so I clicked […]

Lessons from the Boxing Ring

I got my @$$ handed to me in the boxing ring.  Forgive the vulgarity, but it is the only way to adequately describe what occurred. When a sergeant from my department asked me if I would be interested in participating in an exhibition boxing match for charity against a female commander from another jurisdiction, I […]

The Courage to be Authentic

I entered this profession in 1991 at a time when it was progressive enough that women in policing had already secured a place, but not progressive enough that women held leadership positions.  In my state, we were accepted into the thin blue line but we would maintain our positions within that line for awhile and […]

Love and Fear in Leadership

Do you think leaders should be loved or feared?  This leadership question has been debated over the years with different surveys and trends that reveal many opinions on the matter.   Some believe that fear is a motivator and that people, when left to their own devices, will not perform without the threat of discipline […]

Finding Empathy in Addiction

Published in the Sun-Times Beacon News on September 15, 2013 In my 22 years at the Aurora Police Department, I have had a front row seat to the devastation and destruction that befalls individuals who have addictions. Drug abuse can cause once law-abiding citizens to turn to criminal activity in order to support their habits.  […]

Boredom, School and the Prefrontal Cortex

*Published in the Sun-Times Beacon News on August 19, 2013                                    Every school year, my kids count down the days until summer vacation.  Once it arrives, the jovial occasion is met with roasting marshmallows over a bonfire started with kindling […]

Victimization is a Choice

If you are in a bad situation, you will do whatever you can to escape it. Right? Actually, that’s a common misconception. The truth is when you feel like you aren’t in control of your destiny, you are more likely to give up and accept whatever situation you are in. I expect that you might […]