Indifference is the Enemy

I was watching the scene from the movie “Patch Adams” where Robin Williams’ character is defending himself to the Board of Medical Directors to keep his medical certification after being accused of running a clinic without proper licensing.  In his poignant speech, Patch tells the Board: “Every human being has an impact on another. Why […]

Attitude is the Real Figure of Speech

Edwin Friedman said that communication does not depend on syntax, eloquence, rhetoric or articulation, but on the emotional context in which the message is being heard. He said that people can only hear you when they are moving toward you and are not likely to hear you when your words are pursuing them. He explained […]

FBI NA #249 Recap

My intent was to give weekly updates during my time at the NA, however, plans were derailed by my having to dedicate so much time to catching up on the work that I needed to complete for the end of the session.  Being out of commission midway through with pneunonia really messed up my cadence – especially […]