FBI NA #249 | Week 5 | The Halfway Mark

An interesting shift occurs around this time at the academy in that we have started calling the base “home”. I caught myself and a few others doing it over the weekend while we were in D.C. sightseeing. “What time do you want to head home?”, someone asked. I even received a text message from one […]

FBI NA #249 Week 4

Everyone who has been through the National Academy explains that around the 5th week, the time seems to accelerate and the 10 weeks are over in a mere blink. I experienced that sensation during this week (albeit a bit premature). Papers were due this week, speeches were delivered, mock television interviews were conducted and group […]

FBI NA #249 | The End of Week 3

Week 3 of the National Academy has come to a close and I’m sitting in the airport awaiting to board a flight back to Chicago to see my family.   As I sit here and quietly assess the last 3 weeks of my life, I realize that I need to freeze frame for a moment […]

The Women of FBI NA #249

A few of the women of FBI NA #249 Everyone has a story. There are 29 women who are attending session #249 of the National Academy. We comprise different facets of Law Enforcement from the United States, Greece, Australia and Taiwan but we have a common thread as female police officers. We’ve spent the last […]

Attitude is the Real Figure of Speech – My Column in the Sun-Times Beacon News

FBI NA #249 Deception and Muscle Fibers

I am not a good liar. This fact was unequivocally determined through a practical exercise in my “Interviewing Strategies Through Statement Analysis” class. Instructor Special Agent Kevin Daley asked all of us if we thought we could be deceptive about an incident and fool the class. Seven of us volunteered to give it a shot […]

FBI NA #249 04.16.12

Monday, April 16th I’m admittedly feeling a bit sluggish on this Monday as a result a vineyard tour around the great state of Virginia on Sunday. One of my classmates is a wine connoisseur (although I have renamed him the Sommelier) and he arranged a field-trip for the other wino’s..ahem..wine enthusiast’s in our session. We […]

FBI NA #249 | Week 2

As previously mentioned, we had our first Challenge Run on Wednesday. These runs are every week and are in preparation for the Yellow Brick Road challenge in week 10. Each week will be a new challenge and the mileage increases. As you can imagine, there are all types of fitness levels here but we begin […]

FBI NA #249 Week 2

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about weekends at the National Academy is that you have to keep moving. I spent Saturday night in New Jersey with close friends which was a much needed release from the dorm life. I got back to the NA mid-morning on Sunday. It didn’t feel like it was Easter Sunday […]

It shouldn’t be a surprise when cops do the right thing

Appeared in the Sun-Times Beacon News on Sunday, April 8th The Aurora police received major media attention with the recent release of Jonathan Moore who was exonerated on a 2000 homicide. Our department was flooded with phone calls and emails from citizens who wanted to express their gratitude for pursuing the release of Mr. Moore […]