Observations from a CrossFit Beginner

About four months ago, I heard the rumblings of a trendy phenomenon called “CrossFit”. My police department was buzzing about it and so I searched the Internet to investigate. I was led to a web-site where I watched a video about CrossFit and decided instantaneously that it was for crazy people. The video depicted men […]

Craftmanship means giving your best

One of my pet peeves is when people do things only half-way. I spend a lot of time explaining this concept to my children when they leave a chore half done or complete a homework assignment that is clearly not their best work. I repeatedly tell my children that the work they do is a […]

“Routine” Traffic Stops

56 law enforcement officers were killed as a result of assaults in 2010. Traffic stops accounted for seven of those 56 deaths. If you do an internet search of “police officers killed during traffic stops”, you will find pages and pages of stories where officers have been killed during a “routine” traffic stop. We are […]