The Voice Inside Your Head

Several months ago, a colleague from the police department told me about his new obsession, CrossFit. It’s a strength and conditioning program that appeals to police officers and firefighters because it requires proficiency in endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility – all crucial elements of job performance. Before being hired, police officers are required to pass […]

Experential Learning

When I was the lieutenant on midnight shift, we were brainstorming methods of burglary prevention when one of the sergeants suggested that the only way our citizens will learn to close and lock their doors was if the police started taking things they leave in open view to teach them a lesson. Of course we […]

Gratitude. Get some.

Wherever we go, we can find something to complain about. When we are in the throes of the frigid, winter months, we complain about the cold and we long for the heat. When the treacherous 90 degree heat finally arrives, it makes us yearn for a cold front to cool things off. Every year, my […]