8 Police Officers and the Void they Leave

Effective January 1, 2011, we will lay off eight patrol officers – 8 members of our police family. These eight officers chose the noble profession of law enforcement believing that they would spend their careers with the Aurora Police Department. They have been members of our family for several years and there is no easy […]

Courage versus Bravery

There is no shortage of bravery in the Aurora Police Department. I have worked alongside of many men and women throughout my career who did not hesitate to run towards the sound of gunfire or to jump fences in pursuit of an armed suspect. I originally believed the law enforcement profession attracted these “fearless” individuals […]

Solution to Red Light Cameras: Don’t Run It!

When I first learned of our city’s implementation of red-light cameras, I was vehemently opposed. Not because I saw them as a revenue generator, as has been the main accusation against them, but rather, I saw them as taking away discretion from police officers. For example, if an officer pulls you over for a traffic […]