Colorblind Leadership Starts Within Ourselves

Published in the Sun-Times on January 24, 2010 Over the past few weeks, there have been an influx of racial-related headlines in the news. Our former governor declared in an interview that he is “blacker than President Obama.” In a frenzy of creative back peddling, Rod Blagojevich’s attorney offered that Rod merely meant to convey […]

Our New Police Headquarters

In the sergeant’s office of the current police department, there is a mysterious powder falling from the ceiling. It has become common to walk into the office with a cup of coffee and instinctively place a piece of paper over the cup as we set it down at a desk so the unexplained substance doesn’t […]

Don’t Bring a Gun to a Snowball Fight

In Washington D.C., hundreds of people gathered on a major street for a snowball fight. You heard me right. The snowball fight was organized through the popular social-networking site, Twitter, and citizens of D.C. showed up armed with earmuffs and long underwear with the intent of launching dollops of packed snow at each other all […]