Lost Warrior

Law enforcers lost another warrior last month.  A Chicago police officer was fatally shot in the head after a struggle with a bus passenger who was causing a disturbance.  Somehow the belligerent woman was able to disarm the 27-year veteran and use his own service weapon to end his tour of duty – Permanently.             […]

Police Give Up the Right to be Unfit

“When you choose law enforcement as a career, you give up the right to be unfit.”  These words are boldly displayed in the gym of the Illinois State Police Academy.   I thought of this quote at precisely the same moment the employee at McDonald’s asked me if I wanted fries with my grilled chicken sandwich […]

Finding Purpose

During a recent visit to a police department for training, the training officer who was responsible for acclimating me to the facility met me at the entrance.  As I walked through the lobby door, I was abruptly given the command to “Stop”.  The Lieutenant directed my attention to the floor where I saw a beautiful […]