Lost Warrior

Law enforcers lost another warrior last month.  A Chicago police officer was fatally shot in the head after a struggle with a bus passenger who was causing a disturbance.  Somehow the belligerent woman was able to disarm the 27-year veteran and use his own service weapon to end his tour of duty – Permanently.             […]

Police Give Up the Right to be Unfit

“When you choose law enforcement as a career, you give up the right to be unfit.”  These words are boldly displayed in the gym of the Illinois State Police Academy.   I thought of this quote at precisely the same moment the employee at McDonald’s asked me if I wanted fries with my grilled chicken sandwich […]

Finding Purpose

During a recent visit to a police department for training, the training officer who was responsible for acclimating me to the facility met me at the entrance.  As I walked through the lobby door, I was abruptly given the command to “Stop”.  The Lieutenant directed my attention to the floor where I saw a beautiful […]

Blaming the Victim (As printed in the Beacon News)

I took a class in graduate school entitled “Victimization”.  The main focus of the curriculum was based on the premise that crime victims play a large part in their own victimization.  There are criminologists who have dedicated their careers solely to this field of study and I was intrigued by the notion that partial responsibility […]

Creating a Tapestry (Appeared in the Beacon News on May 11, 2008)

The police and the community have often fought the adversarial perception of one another and it is my hope that this forum will be a method to bridge that gap.  As a police officer and a resident of the City of Aurora, it is very clear to me that the police and the citizens have […]

Leaders Think Different

Here’s to the crazy ones.
 The misfits.
 The rebels.
 The troublemakers.
 The round pegs in the square holes.
 The ones who see things differently.
 They’re not fond of rules. 
And they have no respect for the status quo.
 You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
 About the only thing you can’t […]