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Transform your organization into a meaningful movement by profiting from the triumphs & failures learned through my 30 years in law enforcement.

Culture eats policy for breakfast

If you’re a change agent or maverick interested in pioneering new directions and possibilities in your organization, there is one thing you must know:

Culture is the driving force to achieving something better.

Why culture? Because culture eats policy for breakfast.

If a behavior is accepted on the street and in the cubicles, it doesn’t matter what the policies are. Culture rules.

But creating a winning company culture is like beating a drum, not blowing a random trumpet on occasion. It requires constantly being lived and modeled. It requires next-level leadership that can champion the change.

Which is where I come in… Let’s chat about how to create evolved leaders and a culture that wins.

Meet Kristen

Since I was a kid, all I ever wanted to be was a police officer. I became a Cadet at age 17 and retired as the police Chief at 47. In my 30 year career at the Aurora Police Department, I blazed trails: I was the first woman Lieutenant, first woman Commander, and eventually the first woman Chief in my department. I was also the Chief on watch during a mass shooting in my hometown Aurora, IL.

As a cop, I have learned that the more I treat people with dignity and respect, the more respectful they are in return.

Now I’ve hung up my badge so I can create even more of an impact. I’m committed to sharing the lessons I’ve learned and wisdom I’ve gained during my 30 years in law enforcement to change the culture of policing, prevent mass shootings and cultivate leadership in our communities and organizations.

If you’re looking to empower leaders and catalyze culture change, book me for your next workshop, conference, or event to get real world, engaging, action-oriented inspiration.

Here's How I can Help Transform Your Organization:

Organization’s I’ve Worked With

A thriving company culture: Increases accountability, responsibility & leadership; Increases employee engagement & retention & Increases revenue by 4x.

You may have heard the expression that the biggest obstacle to having something great is settling for something good.

This is exactly what stops you from experiencing a thriving company culture: settling for the status quo and accepting mediocrity.

But I want more for you than mediocre.

I want you to wake up what’s been asleep within you to ignite a spark of excitement for something. I want you to feel the pride of devising a solution to a problem or creating something out of nothing – not just for your organization, but for you. Because you have no business accepting just okay. And when you get tired of being mediocre and become more than that, everyone around you gets better as a result.

Is this your moment to acknowledge where you are and commit to breaking the chains of mediocrity?

Here is what I know: You can’t sit around waiting to be motivated or inspired by someone or something. You have to seek out inspiration. You have to move towards it.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

Reach out today. Let’s chat about how I can support you to catalyze a movement.