Transform your organization into a meaningful movement by profiting from the triumphs & failures learned through my 30 years in law enforcement.


If you’re a change agent or maverick interested in pioneering new directions and possibilities in your organization, there is one thing you must know:

Culture is the driving force to achieving something better.

Why culture? Because culture eats policy for breakfast.

If a behavior is accepted on the street and in the cubicles, it doesn’t matter what the policies are. Culture rules.

But creating a winning company culture is like beating a drum, not blowing a random trumpet on occasion. It requires constantly being lived and modeled. It requires next-level leadership that can champion the change.

Which is where I come in… Let’s chat about how to create evolved leaders and a culture that wins.

Culture eats policy for breakfast

Meet Kristen

Chief Kristen Ziman is a distinguished speaker, published author, and the former Chief of Police of Aurora, Illinois, the state’s second largest city. 

With three decades of dedicated service in law enforcement, her career is marked by transformative leadership and a commitment to excellence.

Kristen holds two master’s degrees, bringing a depth of academic and practical knowledge to her engagements. During her tenure as Chief of Police, Kristen led significant initiatives that redefined community policing and organizational performance, applying her extensive real-world business experience to drive systemic improvements and foster a culture of optimism and resilience.

Specializing in optimizing performance through optimism, Kristen offers actionable insights that empower leaders to embrace challenges and fight apathy. She teaches organizations how to disrupt their culture to achieve sustainable success, promoting a mindset shift that encourages innovation and resilience. Her unique blend of academic prowess, field experience, and leadership acumen, combined with her engaging and often humorous delivery, makes her a sought-after speaker for audiences looking to transform their practices and achieve lasting impact.

If you’re looking to empower leaders and catalyze culture change, book me for your next workshop, conference, or event to get real world, engaging, action-oriented inspiration.

Here's How I can Help Transform Your Organization:

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A thriving company culture: Increases accountability, responsibility & leadership; Increases employee engagement & retention & Increases revenue by 4x.